Western Food Catering in KL

Being Malaysian, there is something that we enjoy more than others. Obsessed with finding the best food available, we Malaysians enjoy a wide variety of food thanks to our multi-cultural background influences. Regardless of where we go, the first thing on our minds is to find out where the best eateries and food are.

Western food holds a certain charm among Malaysians. Perhaps it lies within its extensive use of herbs that creates a unique flavour profile as opposed to our Asian spices. Besides, we all grow up enticed by movies and shows showing sophisticated western dining. With UNIQ Catering, having delicious western food is now easier than ever.

UNIQ Catering offers western food catering services in KL. Only with love and attention can good food be created. Our chefs here are passionate and committed to creating good and delicious food. Extensive effort is put into making sure that you can taste not only the tastiest food but healthy as well. At UNIQ, all ingredients used in the preparation of our food are certified halal. Rest assured that our chefs can come up with enticing western dishes for you.

Choose from our menu of assorted western delights ranging from pasta Aglio olio to the all-time favourite chicken chop. Each dish is meticulously prepared to preserve natural flavours for a mouth-watering dining experience. For those looking for western food catering in KL, talk to us and we here at UNIQ Catering will be able to come up with a delicious menu that is catered to your taste and preferences. Explore more about our event catering now.

RM 48 + / guest
Min. 30 Pax
Total 14 Items

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Min. 30 Pax
Total 16 Items

RM 71 + / guest
Min. 30 Pax
Total 18 Items

RM 108 + / guest
Min. 30 Pax
Total 11 Items

RM 88 + / guest
Min. 100 Pax
Total 19 Items

RM 111 + / guest
Min. 100 Pax
Total 26 Items

RM 98 + / guest
Min. 100 Pax
Total 18 Items

RM 128 + / guest
Min. 100 Pax
Total 21 Items

RM 201 + / guest

RM 241 + / guest

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